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congrats on being older than 70% of people on this website

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Thanks for the birthday wishes I guess. 

I went to see the Truffula Tree last week

and I was struck by nostalgically sweeter feelings,


I spent so much time focusing on my guilt and my anger over what I’ve done and what’s happened to me,


That I lost the irrational sense of optimism I once had,


I’m not the same man who came to this valley those years ago, because I made a number of mistakes, and dealt with them poorly,

but also because I now know I can be better than that. and I’ve learned many more values along the way,


I like to think mustache thinks so too. 

I used to stay in the house all day. Okay, I still do that. Give this man a break. 

Ted now has a business too. Except it’s doing the exact opposite thing that mine was. 

"Maximum Growth" it’s called. He’s going to be so rich though.

And maybe, it will strongly aid in reversing this transition. 


Ted’s mom is probably one of the sweetest people I’ve met in a long time.

In a way it’s making me forget how my mom was like. I know she left for a good reason, but I think that maybe, if the valley gets better and I recover in a way, she might want to come back and see me. 

When I started my business she told me that she told me how it wouldn’t amount to anything, in order to motivate me. I like to think that maybe she told me that I let her down and I wasn’t important to her anymore, to motivate me to fix everything. 

Yeah, I like to think that’s the case. 

Thneedville used to be unwelcoming to me, and it still sort of is, but I mean I wasn’t even allowed to set foot in it, but now things have changed thanks to Ted and his friend Audrey. 

And now I stay in Thneedville and can breathe a lot better now… and there’s always food… and in spite of how shitty everything still is, I’m relatively content compared to my life back in the Lurkim.

Are you gay or straight? Or neither?

I really think it’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things

There’s a tree growing now. A truffula tree that Ted planted. 

And it’s actually growing fairly quickly for a Truffula. I guess it really wants to grow or something. It’s trying. 

He looked after it from when it first started sprouting

I know I’m not well known for sharing my feelings and problems and what I’ve had to deal with in the last few months of my life for sure.

But last week I had a really good day. 

 One that baffled me,

And made me angry, but above all, it was a time where I was able to re-evaluate myself and the man I’ve grown to be.


So I’m going to let you all know what the story is throughout the day. 

Ever wanted to decorate your place with dried corn?